wheatgrassGreenergy Foods is a local company that grows and sells primary health
food, specialising in the superfood Wheatgrass to local individuals
and selected health food stores and juice bars nationwide. Greenergy Foods is owned and managed by Rory Doyle and has     been operating since
June 2010.

We are located in the heart of Ireland at Knockdomney, Moate,

Wheatgrass – has rapidly become one of the most widely used natural
foods around the world. This sweet green juice pressed from young
wheat plants is loaded with natural vitamins and minerals, chlorophyll
and enzymes that feed your cells and help rid them of toxins.

 Greenergy Wheatgrass is grown from certified organic wheat seed and
certified organic compost using natural spring water from our own

Please email us at
 info@greenergyfoods.ie for more information
 or call  090-6481394 ,  086-8102143